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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Welcome to Lady Norah!

Hello, my lovely readers!

You might be wondering what this blog is all about!

Who is this Lady Norah?
What does she do for a living?
Why does she write this blog?

I am so excited to tell you, my dear, about my brief background in 10 pictures!

Well, I add a little animation to make it look more exciting and cute!

So ... let's get to know Lady Norah a little better ...

If you cannot catch up with the video,

or if you prefer reading text just like me,

then let's go through this together photo by photo!

Yeah ... it's me! Tada ...

Thanks to my incredible BFF, who is now, from my point of view, a professional photographer, though he keeps telling everyone that he's just a newbie, but look at his work! I might not look this gorgeous if he's not professional, correct? Give all credits to his marvelous skill!

Check out more of his work here

Lady Norah was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, since 1989!

I am a real estate young professional since two-third of my life is in the real estate business because my father is an architect, and my mother is the real estate broker. They make a perfect match! I could have what I have today because of this profession, so I adore it so much though, at first, to be frank, I hate it!

Why do I hate this job?

Well, I was born and raised in Chinese culture, so my family put me to work since I was little. It might sound cruel to some of you, but believe me, it's worth it!

Back to the year 2000, when I was 11 years old, I was told to help my parents start their own business after they were laid-off during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis (known in Thailand as Tom Yum Goong crisis). My little brother was just born, and they just started everything from nothing, so every penny my parents spent on was to refuel the gas to meet the clients. They did not hire anyone to work for their back-office. Luckily, I loved typing and organizing things, so I was the only choice they've got to work as their admin. It was really tough, but I learned a lot and earned all my valuable skills from that tough time, too!

From my work experience, I thoroughly know how to start a real estate business, and how to bounce back when the market goes down to the lowest point because of the uncontrollable external factors like politics. I even know the business cycle of the real estate business in Thailand and how to avoid the common pitfalls that most mischief people use to trick the newcomers of this business. My parents have a great vision to send me to a better and larger organization to know more about how the big gamer looks at the company. I went abroad to join international organizations and associations since 2012.

Why 'Lady Norah'?

That's how my international name is required because my Thai name is a little difficult to be pronounced in English, and I love having my name in every language I speak. For example, my Chinese name is [Luó Yuán], my Japanese name is 麗華 [rei ka], and my English name is Norah. That's how Lady Norah was named to call me!

Years have passed, I joined one of the largest real estate franchise network in Thailand and probably in the Asia Pacific, ERA, as a franchisee. That's the first time I started my own business, and it's in Chiang Mai where I've got no connections at all! My big lesson from being an entrepreneur is how to survive in the red ocean with an ethical and professional mindset.

I am proud of my profession and am so willing to share it with anyone. Later on, I'm assigned to work in a training division of ERA Thailand Headquarters to share my own experience and skill-sets to the new agents and franchisees in Thailand and international agents in the Asia Pacific to know more about the real estate industry in Thailand.

I've been so lucky in-game and just happened to fortunate in love!

During my work with ERA, I was a delegate to join seminars hosted by ERA Asia Pacific to share it with my Thailand network. After joining one of the life-changing workshops, only one month before my 30th birthday, my life has been completely changed to the betterment!

Every seminar and training, no matter how great or terrible it is, you will learn something, and I did learn great things that completely changed my life! I might look like an easy-going- party girl, but my genuine personality is introverted, so I'm quite difficult to open myself to the others. When it comes to marriage, destiny brought me to marry my best friend, who I've known since I was in college! We’ve got our Begin, who has come and changed another chapter of our life from a newlywed couple to newborn parents!

That's pretty much wrapped up my 30-year-old life in 3 pictures!

I think you know pretty much every perspective of my background.

So now, let's get to the point!

Why do I write this blog?

Well, I've been thinking of writing a blog since I was a teenager, but I've got one big excuse! I've got NO TIME! Time keeps me away from doing what I love for years! Until recently, when a pandemic does hit the whole world hard and forces people to stay home to save their lives! You'll see many online activities that people keep showing off on their social media. I, too, wish to follow the trends, but being a newborn mama is no easy task because, again, I've got no time!

It is the first time in my life that 'No Time' would not be my excuse! Believe me, while I'm writing this, I'm changing diapers, breastfeeding, and cuddling my Begin, so one blog could take me days to complete it! My passion for sharing my own experiences with the other newborn mama and those who are having their first child soon has more weight to my decision! I aim to continue writing this during my maternity leave, and I plan to keep writing it as my NEW NORMAL (I love this term, which is so trendy during COVID-19).

Why does my passion for sharing my thoughts and experiences have a significant impact on me so much that I wish to change myself and even encourage me to own an online blog? I believe that sharing is caring. While I was pregnant, I've been searching for information to prepare myself and my upcoming baby. Though I've got advice from my BFFs who are now a mama, too, every child has its own unique way to express their emotion when it came to your own child. I just want to be part of the mothers who might share the same common problems with the others so that they won't panic as I did. I also wish to record every development of my own daughter to look back and learn from it if (and only if) I plan to have a younger little one for my only daughter.

Furthermore, I wish to become a writer one day, but being a blogger seems to be more attractive to me now because, well, I'm writing a weblog! I have a passion for reading since when I could read! I might not have the proper training or taking any extra course to become a professional writer. Still, the reading helps training me to have excellent attention to detail, and my business writing skill has been developed since I started working when I was 11. In the hope that this blog might hit someone's eye and might introduce me to another step towards a writing career ... I don't know ... Let's make this blog my own stage to train my writing skill then.

And again, sharing is caring! Everyone has his/her own experience that is valuable for someone else. Many people don't share it out loud because they don't have time or don't know how to ... I'm the one who wishes to encourage others to share their own experiences with those in need. My real estate expertise is more than two-thirds of my life, so I'm sure I know all the ups and downs of this business in Thailand. I might even know how to go through this business internationally because I've been working with international organizations for a couple of years. I would be more than happy to answer all your questions regarding real estate to my blog, hoping that it could help the others, too!

As for the newborn mama, I've seen my friends spending more than they need when they first have their child. I don't want the others to do so since COVID-19 did teach a lot of us to save up your cash while you can because you will never know how long the crisis would take. So I would recommend what I bought and thought that it's necessary with the brand and price, including where and how to get it with a promotion (back at the time I bought them) so that the soon-to-be mama could plan and don't have to spend their money much.

If you read my blog and see my reference for the products I use or the service I recommend, please follow their link and find more reviews for your own decision.

Everything I write in this blog is my thought and tips. I think it might help others. Please don't use it as a reference, and please don't use it to trick the others or sell your products. If I happen to do so, I will attach the source for your reference to make your own decision.

The new content is coming up.

Stay tuned!

First written: April 29th, 2020

Last updated: August 10th, 2020

All Contents © 2020 Lady Norah. All Rights Reserved.

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