Lady Norah as a Parental Content Writer

During COVID-19, I was dull due to Postnatal Depression. Reading anything related to parental advice did soothe me from the depression, though, to be frank, many factors did hit us hard during this pandemic.

Fortunately, many of us were too free to do anything because of a work-from-home condition, and some of us might even get laid-off without notice due to an epidemic crisis. Social media connected us with the use of Facebook, TikTok, Line, YouTube, and so on.

Honestly, I felt a lot better to see that I was not alone.

Many were struggling, and some were even worse than me. I refueled my self-esteem from looking on the bright side. Then I realized what I would do if I were free. We knew that social media could make money if you know how to be a blogger or a vlogger! The newcomers are entering this business so fast that it unlocked me to pursue my dream job, a content writer.

My colleague in MUIC created a private group on Facebook named MUIC Flea Market. This group aims to help promote unemployed alumni and students selling what they want to sell. It happened to connect freelancers with jobs, too.

Luckily, I found a post from an old friend running her art school. She is the mother of one boy and is pregnant. She’s looking for a content writer to help her write a book of her online lessons during COVID.

Luck comes when opportunity meets preparation

I contacted her and asked for the job! She asked to see my portfolio, but I had none except drafts to be posted on my web blog. She liked my character, so she hired me! We discussed more on the concept and theme of the book. I was required to join her online private class and transcribe her lesson. Then rewrite it and let her edit the work until my work gets approval. In the meantime, the graphic design team will work with my content to design the book accordingly.

Concept: Processed Art for Kids or Beginners

Theme: Parental advice for 0-10 years old

Writing Style: Expository + Descriptive

Main Idea: To elaborate processed art techniques using to develop children’s skill through painting

00 Intro to 5 Qualities of Art
Download PDF • 257KB
01 Child Development
Download PDF • 639KB
02 Shape
Download PDF • 563KB
03 Proportion
Download PDF • 476KB
04 Unity and Variety
Download PDF • 496KB

These are drafts, which are NOT completed yet. There are more lessons, but they are in progress revision, so I publish only the approved ones. The design of the book has not been released yet. We plan to publish it in November 2020, however, due to her pregnancy, the deadline might be postponed.

The content is copyrighted to my friend, Ploy | Processed Art teacher, 5 Qualities of Art | her online private class, and Scrambled Art | her art institute.

Photos using in the draft are for reference only.

First written: August 11th, 2020